Its less than two short years ago that a certain Mr Chris Chillingworth reached out to like minded, football loving people, to see if there was any interest in the formation of a Hastings based American football team. And since that first throw around in Alexandra Park, the Conquerors, as they later came to be called have grown into the organisation it is today. Heading into pre-season and preparing for a first National League campaign.

But the Conquerors are more than just a football team, they are a collective, a co-operative and some have often referred to us as on-field “Brothers”.

This has been noticed and joined and observed around the world and the story so far was recently discussed with a Europe based American blogger and former Brussels Bulls Quarterback named Travis Brody.

His take on the story so far can be read here.

The blog is well worth subscribing to if you are a football fan and interested in its exposure and growth on our side of the pond.

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