On what can only be described as akin to a typical Siberian morning with cold temperatures, constant drizzle and relentless winds which made paperwork more of a cardio exercise the club ran its 2nd and final Rookie Day at Hampden Park Sports 3G, Brodrick Road, Hampden Park. Despite the miserable weather the club recorded 65 attendees plus coaches on the day which smashes the clubs previous record of 52 last season at the same event.

The attendees were made up of returning players from last season as well as players returning from Rookie Day 1 and a large number of brand new recruits not met before.

The day was made up of a team warm up, positional based drills and a fun Oklahoma demonstration by last season veterans to give the Rookies a taste of contact football in kit.

Club Chairman Chris Chillingworth explained “It was a great session and we always enjoy getting the team back together after such a long break. Everyone was buzzing to get back into the action with smiles all round. The Rookies all got stuck in and were super keen to learn. Everyone showed each other with respect and we had a great day despite the weather. I didn’t care much for the paperwork however which is now trying to dry out on my radiators at home. But hopefully we’ll see a lot of these guys again at the next few sessions and we can continue to show them the merits of one of the best sports in the world.”

The Conquerors are running a Player Registration event this Wed 18th November at Shots Sports Bar, Hastings at 19:00 for all players, rookies and supporters to come and sign up, have some photos taken, play some pool and generally socialise with the new additions.

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