Hastings Conquerors will continue their preparations for the 2016 Season when they return to the training field at Buckswood International School, Guestling, Hastings, TN35 4LT on Sunday January 10th, 10:00 till 13:00.

The club are well into their plans for the season ahead thanks to an earlier pre-season start which kicked off in November, allowing some much needed practice and fundamentals work for both veterans and rookies players, a focus which will be continued into the new year.

Club Chairman Chris Chillingworth confirmed “the doors are still wide open for anyone wanting to come along and take part. There’s some catching up to do but we have people join the club all year around so this is nothing new. The sooner they join us however the more prepared they’ll be if they want to be participating in our 2016 National League campaign. We’ve had a few emails over Xmas so we may see a couple of new faces join us. Those people will be very welcome. This is great sport for getting fit and if you’re keen to get off the couch and come and do something new and exciting, this is the sport to try.”

Anyone interested in getting involved with the club this season, in a playing or non-playing capacity can contact Chris at chrisc@hastingsconquerors.co.uk

Photo courtesy of Ree Dawes

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