There’s a new American Football magazine called ‘Blitz’ which hit the world yesterday and guess which team are featured in a 4 page article?

Chairman Chris Chillingworth (pictured) posted on Facebook yesterday “woke up to find new global American Football Magazine Blitz have done a 4 page feature on our fantastic club!”.

blitz magazineBlitz Magazine is a brand new global american football mag focusing not only on the NFL but on the development of the sport in different countries around the world. It also covers a number of educational and coaching approaches as well as the business side of the sport. It includes case studies, best practice examples, leadership ideas, tactics, player features, and even historic content. Chocked with over 100+ pages the first issue is full of great content and it’s a steal for £1.50.

At present the first issue is only available digitally but there are apparently plans to release print versions. Even still, the digital copy is easy to read and you can read it like any website page.

“We’re very proud to appear in the first issue and were very happy to be involved. We love our club and we’re proud of what we’ve done in such a short space of time so naturally we want to share our story. But the magazine has a lot of great other articles in it. I thought the feature on Jeff Reinebold and some of the articles about the growth of the women’s game were great. It’s wonderful to see the game growing like this and more media attention will only help the sport. It’s very welcomed as far as I’m concerned.” said Chillingworth.

To grab Issue 1 of Blitz Magazine head on over to and let us know what you thought about the article on the Conquerors.

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