If perhaps slightly untraditional the Hastings Conquerors Head Coach James Rogers opted this season for a 2 separate day training camp rather than a camp over the weekend. With venues limited and many people struggling to travel last year to a camp in March due to work and family commitments the decision was made to hold 3 local full all-dayer Sundays for camp. This was in order to boost attendance and keep the cost down for players.

Sunday 13th March saw the 2nd of those 3 camp days take place at the clubs new training ground at Buckswood International School.

The team began with the usual warm ups before setting to work on their special teams practice which most of the day was dedicated towards. Before lunch there was a chance for the Offence and Defence to work on cleaning up anything regarding their plays. The afternoon was followed by some classroom work re-inforcing playbook concepts and preparing the team for the season ahead, now only a matter of weeks away.

Offensive Co-Ordinator Chris Chillingworth explained “We made good use of the day and it was good to be able to see some of the special teams in action. Offence wise we’re ready and prepared and we’ve put the work in since November. I’d always like to have more time to fine tune but we’ve covered the most important stuff, we’ve focused on our fundamentals and we’ve been just drilling our system for weeks now and trying to get better at our execution. We just need to put it up against a Defence now and hope that the work we’ve put in this pre-season is enough. I’m excited and confident.”


The Conquerors 2016 league campaign begins on Sunday April 10th when they travel to East Kent Mavericks.

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