Hastings Conquerors are actively recruiting for new players for our Senior team (over 18’s) and our Junior team (16’s-18’s)


The club runs both adult and Junior training sessions at Buckswood International School, Guestling, Hastings, n34 1hr.


Sundays 10:00 – 13:00

Wednesdays 19:00 – 21:00


First training session is free. You just turn up and get involved. We have new people joining us throughout the season. If you decide to join us, registration is £30 for the year. Once registered you will need to pay £10 a month for training subs and £5 a month additional if you wish to rent club helmet and shoulder pads. A total of £15 a month. This is a flat rate fee regardless of the amount of training sessions you attend.


We train mostly on 3G Astro turf surfaces in the winter and spring so astro boots are the best usually. Trainers can sometimes let you down with grip, and metal studded boots damage the 3G and are not allowed. Do not worry about having all the gear to start with. Just come with the right footwear, suitable clothing to run around in, and some fluids for re-hydration and you will be fine.


The first few months of pre-season (Nov-Dec) are usually unkitted. In January up until the end of the season in September we are generally kitted up.


Moderately, but we work hard to keep the costs as low as possible and it is still cheaper than many other sports. Helmets & Shoulder pads can be rented from the club for £5 a month. However, you need to be a registered member of the club to rent kit. Registration is £30 per year. For that £30 reg fee you also get issued with a practice jersey. There is also the fee of training. At present this costs £10 a month flat fee. Gameday’s (of which we usually have 10 a season) cost £5 for an away game and £10 for a home game. This cost helps to pay for the five attending officials and the ambulance crew that the league rules state we must have on site at each game.


There are a number of reasons people play this wonderful sport. However, some of the larger benefits are of course the sport itself, which is explosive and exciting to play and watch, the increased fitness from playing and one of the biggest reasons is the camaraderie within the team. Each training session is setup so it’s fun, full of banter, and we end each session with a huddle/pile in. You really don’t get that sense of team in any other sport.


Absolutely. The benefit of this sport is there is usually a role to suit all shapes and sizes. Improved fitness will come from training, as will weight loss for many, but we need big guys to protect the quarterback, or to block opponents, just as much as we need fast lightweight guys to run through gaps and catch the passes. On the other side of the ball we need big guys to try and flatten the Quarterback, and agile athletic guys to stop the Wide Receivers. American Football really is the sport where your weight can become an asset not a hinderence. It’s also an intelligent game, so if your brain makes up for your lack of strength you can still play an important part in the team. There really is no reason not to get involved.


This first thing to do is get in touch. You can contact our recruitment officers on recruitment@hastingsconquerors.co.uk. Failing that, hit us up on Twitter @conquerorsafc or on Facebook. Links to both are on the right hand side of this website. We’ll let you know when the next training session is and we’ll make sure someone meets you at your first session to guide you through what we are doing and introduce you to people. We understand it can be daunting joining a new club, especially if you’ve not played a lot of sports before, but we’re a very welcoming friendly bunch, who want more and more people to come and join the team, and we’ll guide you through everything if you want that level of support. By the end of your first session you’ll likely have fallen in love with it and you’ll be keen to start training twice a week!